MAPP Negotiation has been developed as a result of extensive research conducted with our MAPP Partner, Spoken Word Limited; they are a leading deliverer of negotiation and persuasion training programmes.

This content can be used to prepare you or your team for all types of negotiation from small supplier deals through to large scale industrial agreements.

You will have access to all of the common theory and terminology that has been developed in the area of negotiations over the last 20 years and has been extensively tested in practice by teams all over the world.

You can use MAPP Negotiation to take you through all the choices you will need to prepare for before entering into any negotiation.

Use this set of decision cards to:

• Devise your Strategy – Prepare for the wider issues of negotiation.
• Develop your Tactics – Cover the specific issues such as the conduct of the negotiation.
• Prepare your Team – Develop and prepare your team for the negotiations ahead of them.
• Handle Relationship Management – Manage and develop relationships across the negotiation table


MAPP Negotiation is aimed primarily at you or your team whilst preparing for a negotiation in a face-to-face negotiation scenario.

Although this set can be used by just you on your own we recommend you get at least one other person involved to generate reflection and perspective.

And it’s only £9.99!!

To sign-up and use the Negotiation MAPP click on the link:



This content was created by members of the MAPP Academy along with Spoken Word Limited, a MAPP Partner company.

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