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Straight Down the Middle – A MAPP Golfing Case Study

This case study is provided by John Harrison of Coaching 4 Success Ltd.


The MAPP – John, what kind of company were you working with and how long had you been there before you decided to introduce them to MAPP?

John – The company provided golfing holidays and I had been with them for several months before the time was right to bring in MAPP.

The MAPP – Why?

John – Well MAPP is a powerful thought provoking tool that helps businesses put some structure into their on-going development. I have successfully used it with over twenty companies.


The MAPP – How did you start?

John – Firstly, I explained the format of the workshop and then what I was expecting them to gain from the process.

The MAPP – Who did you work with?

John – I worked with the two directors of the business and within about 4 hours we had completed MAPP which was then immediately stuck on a wall in the main office for the team to see.


The MAPP – How did the rest of the team react?

John – As I was leaving they were already asking questions about the content of their MAPP and could they know more from the Directors as to the aspirations of the business as detailed.

The MAPP – Was the MAPP plan taken down after the rest of the team had asked their questions?

John – No, MAPP is still on the wall of the main office and the directors have told me, ‘Not only has it provided clear focus on what the business needs but also clarity on how we are going to get there. Everyone has bought into the plan!’

What The MAPP Ltd says:

Firstly, many thanks to John for this post.

Secondly, as stated above by John, “MAPP is a powerful thought provoking tool”.

It provides an opportunity to control the direction an organisation needs to take whilst including the right people in the decision-making process. Inclusion leads to ownership of the project plan and a team that fully supports the changes needed to achieve any identified goal(s). It is one of the many strengths of a MAPP.

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