The Practitioner Offer

What if… there was a better way to create, communicate and implement planning strategies?

Well there is and it’s called MAPP. This proven, simple planning system enables any organisation or planning team to fast track its success, delivering rapid, visible and executable results.

In the hands of a trusted advisor working with a team, MAPP can be used to enhance planning activities supporting, rather than replacing, the advisor’s existing style. MAPP provides a clear framework that enables the advisor to assist with strategy development and implementation effectively and efficiently.

Alongside strategy creation, MAPP enables advisors to monitor progress and uncover issues with implementation before they become barriers. MAPP prompts focussed questioning and help organisations formulate appropriate answers.

MAPP has been used by hundreds of companies to develop implementable plans covering everything from
high growth, to new market entry, and from managing HR procedures through to moving offices.

The Package

What Do Practitioners Get?

As a MAPP Practitioner you get access to a comprehensive training programme that informs you how to best use MAPP to develop an embedded and long lasting relationship with your clients by developing and collaborating on a plan together.

As part of this training you receive a set of physical MAPP tools that you can use to interact directly with your client in a face-to-face situation. You also receive free access to the MAPP web service where you can develop plans in the cloud and invite others to view and participate in your own planning.

MAPP Practitioners get prior access to new MAPP content and are encouraged to create and submit your own content for sale on the MAPP Store.

MAPP Practitioners can take benefit from a number of incentive programmes that reward you for attracting other MAPP Practitioners as well as other MAPP users.

If you are interested in becoming a MAPP Practitioner then please contact us.


For Practitioners and their Clients

MAPP provides significant benefits to both Practitioner and Client

  • MAPP creates opportunities, through facilitating planned events
  • MAPP differentiates you from the competition; it provides a unique and effective approach that clients will pay for
  • MAPP activities have a higher perceived and actual value to a standard delivery and can attract a higher fee
  • The collaborative approach and timespan of the plan positions you as a valuable member of the client’s team. This secures opportunities for on-going activity with the client
  • MAPP speeds up the delivery of a strategic plan because the process allows you to assess the opinions of the senior management team on each of the potential decisions
  • MAPP allows you to witness the dynamics between the management team providing potential topics for further Leadership Coaching
  • The MAPP Practitioners’ Network provides you with access to tried and tested programmes and peer support to deliver them effectively
  • MAPP provides robust marketing support and a referrral network that will increase your clent base
  • As the process can remove the requirement for one-to-one meetings with each of the management team, it releases your time for other billable activity


What Existing Practitioners Say

“As a MAPP Practitioner I have found MAPP to be an excellent way to focus a whole Board, group or indeed small business on their strategy moving forward. It creates an open and interactive way of discussing decisions that will have to be made which includes every member of the group. It is elegantly simple in its methodology. The online MAPP Strategic Plan that comes out of it provides an excellent platform from which every participant can subsequently see the progress of strategy and interact with their part in it. My clients have found it inspiring, motivating and incredibly useful.”

Jill McCulloch CPCC – Executive Coach

“MAPP has worked well for me right across the spectrum, from young innocent “Start Ups” through to large well-established profitable businesses and even hostile Boards embroiled in M&A. The success of MAPP is you get more out of it than you put in. MAPP is like a comprehensive satellite road map; clearly identifying all the pitfalls spread before you and, with a well trained Practitioner to guide you, you can really make it work well for you and your business.”

Martin Parkes of Parkes & Son Limited

“MAPP is a facilitator’s dream… transparent learning and communication, encouraging individuals and teams to make a difference, whilst measuring success on their own terms.”

Clare Concannon of Positive Experience Training