Want to Export? Don’t just Survive When You Can Grow

UKTI Front CoverUK Trade and Industry, in their excellent publication, ‘Bringing home the benefits: How to grow through exporting,’ explain how exporting can lead to growth, further exports and consequently greater growth.

Exporting can also lead to improvements in efficiency, new products and services. Top that off with an increase in confidence, ambition and momentum for greater growth and the idea of exporting your product or service becomes quite exciting.

In the above publication the UKTI reports that a survey of their clients:

  • 85 per cent said exporting led to a ‘level of growth not otherwise possible’
  • 87 per cent said exporting had significantly improved their profile or credibility
  • 78 per cent said exporting had given them exposure to new ideas
  • 73 per cent said exporting had increased the commercial lifespan of products or services
  • 70 per cent said they had developed or modified a product or service due to doing business abroad

Many potential exporters are put off by the task that lies ahead of them the planning seems to raise more questions than answers and the whole thing project appears too complicated.

The Export MAPPs

But help is at hand, The MAPP Academy – working with the UKTI and experts from within the MAPP Academy – has developed two on-line, decision-making tools to help you plan for your exporting. And being on-line means you can invite your mentor or team members to work with you from anywhere in the world.

The two product pages giving you more detailed information about each product can be accessed by these links:

But if you want go directly to the two MAPPs in the MAPP Store please use these links:

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