MAPP Export Standard

  • Have you been using the MAPP Export Starter?
  • Have you started to export from a home-based market?
  • Do you want to access the experience of others that have already made the move?
  • Do you want to avoid the mistakes made by others?

If so then MAPP Export Standard has been created just for you through research with companies that have started to export from a home based market. You can use their experience and avoid their mistakes.

Using MAPP Export Standard you and your team will be able to quickly generate a simple and comprehensive export plan.

MAPP Export Standard has over 50 separate steps that will help you to create a robust plan for export.

Categories of decisions that make up this set include:

  • Research – Helping you understand the demand in your target markets through to identifying potential competitors in those markets.
  • Operations – Ensuring you prepare your organisation for export including options relating to checking IP protection through to development of the correct documentation.
  • Marketing – Helping you make the correct marketing decisions about the export plan through to accessing local social media in your chosen markets.
  • Strategy – Making sure you identify the key information and decisions need to be addressed in advance, identifying risks and selecting the method by which you will enter the new market.
  • Money – Ensuring that all elements of the export plan that involve money are identified from transport costs to appropriate duties and taxes.
  • People – Making sure you create a dedicated export team with appropriate cultural insights.

Who is it Aimed at?

MAPP Export Standard is aimed at those organisations that:

  • Are embarking on an export strategy to a new foreign market
  • Perhaps have not gone through the process ever before or even recently

MAPP Export Standard:

  • Enables your organisation to ask all the questions it would not normally ask itself about what it needs to do to start exporting quickly and efficiently.
  • It is generic in outlook and can be useful for businesses of all kinds.
  • Can be used by individuals, but we recommend using it with at least one other person to generate reflection and perspective.
  • Only costs £9.99

To buy your copy of MAPP Export Standard and export with assurance click on the link.

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