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Most companies are not philanthropic when it comes to staff development. So during annual appraisal – and out of just these two cards – I would say that the development plan is the most relevant to the performance management of an employee and the needs of the business.
Why? Because the job description should be derived from the business needs and when it comes to creating a SMART development plan for an employee it is vital we focus on business objectives.
Imagine the manager of a fast-food outlet who agrees to a development plan that includes dress-designing. Obviously, that does not add value to the company.
An extreme example admittedly but if the same manager offered “customer relationship skills” or “management skills in the fast-food industry” then there is a link to business objectives and business brand. It is also relevant to an employee’s appraisal.
My dress-making skills would have left me wanting when it came to that appraisal – even with my Cub Scout’s sewing badge. Having worked in a Happy Eater my CRM skills may still have needed developing!
The CIPD will tell you that performance management means mapping job description to brand values and as a result mapping performance of the individual and organisation as a whole through to those same values.
If brand values are taken from business objectives and performance then the MAPPraisal allows you to make the same connections when appraising an employee.

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