How to make the 21st Century virtual team more effective

Technological advances have changed the way in which we used to perform in the past. Right now most people who are into ERP Consulting at some point on occasion work with the Global Teams, sitting at locations spread out all over the world. This kind of phenomena developed some years back and is now witnessing great success. Eventually because of the progress for Virtual Consultancy for IT particularly in circumstance of Oracle definitely seems to be un-stoppable.

Whereas once upon a time virtual teams were a rarity – they had to communicate using poor internet and Intranet, snail mail and sending each other floppy disks. It’s a different story today – companies have teams spread across the world and deal with language, cultural and time-zone differences.

It is important that managers not only learn new skills to deal with these teams – and it should be stated here that these differences are often more complementary and creative than problematic – but they must have the tools with which to pull their teams together.

John Adair brought our attention to ‘team, task and individual’ telling us that as managers and leaders we need to ensure that individuals feel part of and contribute to the team. They need to take ownership of the task and their part in its achievement.

To take ownership of a plan or task means the inclusion of all team members in the decision-making process. MAPP is a perfect way to include team members on-line and in real-time. And real-time means dealing with problems as they occur not when the post arrives.

Task managers and team leaders can include all individuals, create a team – and as John Adair tells us – allow the task to be achieved. This is what MAPP is all about – inclusion, spontaneity, achievement!

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