Do Online Systems Supress Creativity?

At The MAPP we have been doing some research on how people interact with online systems and what makes for good and bad online environments [this post was originally posted on 06 September 2013] .

Our focus is naturally on planning systems that foster online collaboration, but much of the output relates to any online system that is used to support business activity.

What we found in the first paper was very interesting:

  1. People prefer to use physical representations of data to using form-based systems – cards, blocks and shapes are better than cells.
  2. People’s minds naturally want to associate one piece of data with others not by structured sequence but by lateral choice. The use of Hypertext linking is ubiquitous proof of this preference.
  3. People realise that change in any plan is constant and systems that allow simple changes to be made quickly get more engagement and are ultimately preferred.

So in association with Rasmus Rosenqvist Petersen PhD we have produced a white paper that details the research and theory behind these interactions which you can download here.

Rasmus has been developing this theme over three white papers so please let us know what you think.

Access all of the white papers so far here.


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